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The most important aspects of a website is that it be usable by the people who visit it. You get 5 seconds maximum before a frustrated customer will close the browser window or move onto another site.

Designing for usability is one of our specialties.

Designing a website is not all about appearance, and this often comes as a shock to new clients who think color, graphics and personal preference are the most important pieces of the puzzle. It is often in that first design discussion that we find ourselves in the middle of a usability lesson, explaining to our client how people who visit their site are truly viewing it.

Your Users Care the Most

You have only seconds to capture the attention of your users, which means you only have seconds to lose them. If your site is a challenge for them, they aren’t going to stick around and muck their way through it. Usability is all about making your site simple, clear and even fun to use. Poor usability is the #1 reason you will lose eyeballs.

A Usability approach towards to design...

In the initial stages of Web development, we spend time analyzing why you need a website and who will be visiting it. This initial anlaysis is done in order to make sure we develop a project that suits the needs of your business, as well as the needs of your customers. Each site is evaluated using industry usability standards to ensure the user experience is optimum in order to keep their attention.

Usability Assessment of Your Existing Website

If you already have a website and would like to get some insight into how it is working, we offer a Usability Assessment. This can give you an idea of where you stand, and what you might change in order to retain your users for longer browser. The Usability Assessment includes evaluation of the following items:

  • Appropriate Use of Technology
  • Browser functionality across popular browsers
  • Information Architecture
  • Marketing Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Consistent layout/navigation
  • Readability
  • Call to Action

A full Usability Assessment costs $375 and can be completed in 10 working days. Please contact us to schedule a Usability Assessment.