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How do you want to grow your business today?        

These basic concepts have not changed much and rely on your knowledge of what you want to accomplish:

  1. Use free tools if you have the knowledge to manage your SEO yourself. Many experts provide the basics of SEO in hopes of luring new clients. However there are also think tanks that will publish their ideas and are also “spot on” regarding strategies and tactics. One example of the latter is https://moz.com/tools.
  2. Look for the sweet spot on keywords. Often this includes a combination of words that makes sense to your intended audience AND no one else is using for their SEO.Interlinking content is very important. Google especially has put more value on the onsite content. The idea is that a website that shows the right concentration of interrelated keywords related to a subject must really be about that subject. Consequently it rates the site higher. This includes using header tags judiciously, using image tags, and cross linking to content on different pages.

  3. Link building takes time and/or money. So before using the “shot gun” approach, consider whether your link partners are a good use of that investment.
  • Define where your potential customers will look for information. For many commodity products (where customers don’t feel they need to learn more before their purchase) it makes sense to try to get higher on search results. However if they need to learn more, then you want to be where they go to learn. Perhaps this is a trade organization or Wikipedia or the local chamber of commerce.
  • The quality of your inbound links is critical. Obviously the links should come from sites that are highly indexed for your key words.
  • The best links come from sites that receive high traffic counts. This means sharing your expertise on those sites. As an example, who would not want to have their site mentioned on Inc. Magazine? The only way to do this is to strut your stuff and write for online content providers who accept things from the public.
  • It is also very helpful to actually get links from sites that are refreshed regular and do not bury or scrap the pages where your site is linked.

Landau Digital can help you with developing a strategy…but the critical work is always done by our clients. You know your business best. We can ask the right questions and provide you the right tools to implement a successful strategy. For more information about more SEO strategies, contact Landau Digital