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If you have a website for your company, your company has an online presence. This means there is information about you on the web. The collection of all the information about you on the web is your online reputation. Have you checked yours lately?

Most companies are not concerned with their online reputation until a disgruntled employee or unhappy customer starts posting negative information. By then the online reputation may have been adversely effected, and it takes a lot of effort to reverse this information. This is why it is critical to regularly monitor your online presence, and determine what the internet says about you.

Online Reputation Report Service

Landau Digital offers a comprehensive online reputation report service for $399. The report includes:

  • Research required to comb the web and find links to all sites that mention your company.
  • Link tallys organized by content type, which will give a full picture of your online reputation.
  • Links to negative or questionable information, with tips on how to manage these listings
  • A 1/2 hour consultation to explain the report and discuss next steps for managing your online reputation

In cases where the negative information cannot be removed, Landau Digital also offers services for an ORM (online reputation management) SEO campaign.

The Online Reputation Report can be complete within 10 days of placing your order. Please Contact Landau Digital to place your order for an Online Reputation Report.