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Why Choose Us?

We are not just another design firm. Our most important asset is our integrity. We never sell you services you don't need, and we help you make strategic choices that fit within your budget. 

Our Expertise

Our Clients Say...

"...smart, patient, and incredibly client-centered." 
- Cory Chew, principal, Bast Insurance

...they really listened to our concerns, and addressed each of them in a detailed way." - Janine J., Valley Medical Group

"This business operates with a lot of integrity and honesty." - Erin Inatsugu, Soog Web Solutions

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The image our company conveys says a lot to your customers before you even have a chance to speak with them. Creating a brand that tells the story of your company is an essential part of your marketing image. Landau Digital has expertise in creating unique branding images that not only get noticed, but cause conversation. Your brand is more than just your logo, but it starts there. Our innovative team of designers will come up with a logo that tells the story of your company, and this image can then be carried through the other promotional materials that together create your marketing campaign. Together we will create a marketing image that includes color schemes, type treatments, slogans and image standards. Put together into a style guide, your marketing identity will easily carry through into all your marketing projects. View our logo portfolio to see how we have helped companies create a business identity. View our print design and web development portfolios to see examples of how we have applied these brands to marketing collateral.